Keshar Mango

Kesar Mango as Geographical Indication

  1. Major part of the Marathwada division has deep black soil derived from the trap rock which is suitable for Kesar mango cultivation.
  2. The weather, can be said to be dry and moderately extreme in Marathwada hence the sweetness is higher.
  3. Color and taste similar to Saffron hence the variety is known as Kesar mango which is the unique for Marathwada division.
  4. Contains higher amount of Total Soluble Solids i.e. 240Brix which is highest among all mango varieties in India.
  5. Ample amount of Kesar Mango fruit yield.
  6. Largest size mango fruit.

Description of  Kesar Mango

  • Shape: Long and Oval, attractive
  • Color: Saffron
  • Taste: Sweet, Excellent sugar/acid blend
  • Size : Large
  • Overall acceptability: Very Good
  • It is favorite fruit of the processing industries since it retains its characteristics flavor even after processing.

Uniqueness of Kesar Mango

  • Higher amount of total soluble solids i.e. 240Brix
  • Highest among all mango varieties in India.

Total soluble solids constitute about 80 % sugars, 10% acids and 10 % nitrogenous compounds.

Mango Varieties TSS (0Brix)
Marathwada Kesar Mango 24
Gir kesar Mango 18.1
Kutch-Bhuj Mango 18.0
South Gujrat mango 17.25
Laxman Bhog Mango 14.4
Himsagar Mango 16
Malda Fazli Mango 13.52
Mango Malihabadi Dusseheri 20.2
  1. Sweet Taste
  • An increase in sugars is accompanied by an increase in TSS hence the sweetness of Kesar Mango in Marathwada is highest.
  1. Excellent color and taste
  • Color and taste similar to Saffron due to hot and dry climatic conditions and soil.
  • Hence the variety is known as Kesar mango which is the unique for Marathwada division.
  1. Big size
  • Marathwada Kesar mango is largest size mango fruit as compared to other mango varieties which is unique.
  1. Ample fruit yield
  • Ample amount of Kesar mango yield which is about 3 to 4 times higher than Alphonso Mango.
  • Hence the cultivation of Kesar mango is economically also beneficial.
  1. High content of Vitamins and minerals

Marathwada Kesar Mango contains high amount of vitamins and minerals which are very important factors for human diet.

Proof of Origin of Kesar Mango

  1. Mango(Mangifera indica L.), originated in South – East Asia
  2. It is as old as Indian civilization and mango has been cultivated in India since antiquity and records show that Huien-Tsang (606 – 647 AD) has testified its cultivation during the time of his visit to India.
  3. Cultivation is distributed throughout the warmer countries and is confined regions between 30 N and 30 S of the equator.
  4. Origin of Kesar Mango is Junagadh in Gujrat. Variety was released from Balashad district of Gujarat. Which came in Marathwada and became King of export.
  5. Kesar mango – dry land fruit plant which grow on artificial irrigated water system.
  6. It possess tap root which goes deep in land and absorb the lowest ground water. It can survive in drought years. Such trees, our ancestors had thought too.
  7. So Mahanubhav sect founder Chakradhar Swami in Twelfth centuries preached his followers that they should be planted in Marathwada throughout Kesar Mango stones and Kesar Mango orchads should create.
  8. Followers obeyed the Preceptor’s order and planted Kesar mango stones in Marathwada .
  9. These orchards have been hundreds of years to survive and they worked because it persists mango tree roots absorb moisture and distribute deeply in soil.
  10. Latur – an important kesar mango growing district & accounts about 15 per cent of total area of Marathwada region under kesar mango.
  11. Very recently, the state government has also developed facilities for pre-cooling, grading, packaging of mango fruits at Latur.
  12. Situation has favored for export of mango. The export of mango is increasing day by day on account of higher price realized by the farmers and export facilities developed.