Kolhapur Jaggery is a Geographical Indication

  • Due to the unique and special combination of agro-climatic conditions Kolhapur Jaggery has a distinctive and naturally-occurring quality and flavor which has won the patronage and recognition of discerning consumers all over the world for well over a century.
  • The quality, reputation and characteristics of the Jaggery is essentially attributable to its geographical origin and cannot be replicated elsewhere.
  • Perennial flowing of rivers in the sea lap, wind coming from the sea accompanied by hot and humid atmosphere in Kolhapur area plays a significant role in making of sugarcane.
  • The unique river basin in Kolhapur flowing from mountains enriched in minerals and minute food particles gives sugarcane a salt less water because of which the jaggery gets the unique taste, color and durability.

Proof of Origin of Kolhapur Jaggery

  • Maharashtra famous for Jaggery production since 18th century
  • Kolhapur district has been producing sugarcane and jaggery since long.
  • In 1886, Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj established a Jaggery market for Kolhapur region. Traders were given plots and other concessions and were persuaded to start market.
  • 27% of total sugarcane production in Kolhapur division is used for jaggery production as compared to merely 11% in rest of the State.
  • Jaggery from Kolhapur is being exported in great quantities to 44 countries around the world including Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Sri Lanka and so on.
  • Present exports of Jaggery from Kolhapur region valued at 250 – 300 Crores.

Uniqueness of Kolhapur Jaggery

  • The five perennial rivers famously known as “Panchganga” make the Kolhapur soil rich in minerals and increase the nutrient value that lead to quality jaggery.
  • The atmosphere of Kolhapur region is humid (30 – 370C) in which sugarcane grows quickly.
  • Sweet water of the rivers make the Sugarcane sweet and distinctive giving the jaggery its distinctive taste, color and durability.
  • Colorbody proportion is less in Kolhapur Jaggery compared to others helping to remove impurities to maximum extent.
  • Kolhapur Jaggery is prepared under most hygienic environment and scientifically packed with no added chemicals, colors, additives and flavors.